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    Arnold 3100 - R CANDIDAT Clockwork Car Made in US Zone Germany - extremely rare version of right hand drive, 4 seat open tourer with painted composite driver, registration AB62845, complete with original key in greaseproof paper envelope, 25cm. 

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    Arnold (Germany) A 643 Clockwork tinplate Motorcycle - blue with tin printed detail including free running balloon wheels, brown uniformed rider, clockwork motor to rear wheels with permanent key in full working order and includes the red headlamp lens, 20cm/8" long.  

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    DISTLER Liliput Auto The Mighty Midget - blue lithographed tinplate model with working clockwork motor, on/off lever to side and forward reverse to rear, 65 mm long

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    Fipps 593/25 Tanz Puppchen Dancing Dolls MECKI Dancing Boy - with fabric lederhosen, permanent key to back, 7"  / 17cm , made in Western Germany

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    HK 580 (Western Germany) FIGURO The Speaking Dog - very scarce German issue toy (possibly HUKI), painted plastic dog mounted on brightly coloured tinplate stand that incorporated a permanent clockwork key and off off switch to front, with original instruction leaflet 13 cm / 7" tall Very similar to the Japan issue "Bonzo the educated and counting dog".  

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    Vintage Clockwork Dancing Dog - This is a cute soft fur coated clockwork dog, vibrates and shuffles slightly while head wags from side to side, tinplate glasses, red card top hat 14cm , box is stamped  Made in Western Germany 640/6

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    WUCO 13 Dockside Worker with Crate Mechanical Clockwork Tinplate Toy - Sought after tinplate toy of male dockside with crate, when the motor within the crate is wound with separate key the worker then mechanically pushes the crate, made in US Zone GERMANY , approx. 4" / 10 cm.  

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items